Averaging $60 million a year in closed loans, Jim Nuesslein spends $0 on marketing and doesn’t advertise. His success comes purely from happy clients referring him to other people in need of a loan. “Those clients brag about their success afterwards, and that results in the growth of my business,” Jim explains. “The best sales force is a happy customer, everyone wants to talk about the great rate they received.” Keeping his clients happy means always going above and beyond what is expected of him. He talks to his clients constantly, emailing them or calling them to update them on the process. “I come to work, answer questions and provide value,” he says. His ultimate goal is to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Jim aims to gain his clients’ trust and get them the best deal for their needs.

Working with BBMC Mortgage, he lends in 46 states and is able to offer his clients competitive rates. “My company has a big commitment to growth and a commitment to providing the sales force with competitive rates. It is important to work for an organization that is price competitive,” he explains. And while part of his success surely comes from the rates he is able to give his clients, his honest and personal approach also aids in his growth. “I give good advice. If I don’t think they need to refinance, I will tell them the truth even if it means I’m not getting that transaction,” Jim says. “I take every application personally, and I give my clients a list of items I need from them so before they hang up the phone, they know exactly what I want from them.” Prior to closing, Jim takes his clients through each line of a settlement statement so there is no misunderstanding or confusion.

In addition to his superior service and attention to detail, he also aims to make the transaction as painless as possible by streamlining the signing process. Having been in the industry for over 23 years, he has developed efficient ways of getting transactions done quickly. He sends them forms with an overnight envelope so they can send it back easily. Jim never has his clients go to a title company to refinance. “Since I started in 1993, I have never had a client go to a title company to refinance. I was doing at-home closings before they were widely popular,” he says.

While many know Jim for his stress-free and service-oriented approach, they also know him as the “free guy,” as he offers his clients the ability to not pay closing costs out of pocket. “With premium pricing, I can build the closing costs into the rate so the client doesn’t have to pay,” he says. This results in clients continually returning to him and spreading the word about his work. “It’s a win-win for everyone. I look at clients as relationships I’m going to have for life.”

After a long career in the industry, Jim is looking forward to spending many more years helping clients with their real estate goals. This is his passion, and it brings him joy to build those lasting connections.

“This industry is great because we are putting people in homes and saving them money. These are noble goals. Ultimately, people will spend more on interest than any other single item. It’s a big ticket expense and is very important. To manage that properly, you have to take it seriously and be proud of what you do for other people, which I am. It is not insignificant or inconsequential. It’s good work and extremely rewarding on so many levels.”

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